SECURITY NOTICE: Sightcast Recruiting Group has become aware of foreign organizations misusing our company name for fraudulent purposes. To date, all communication has been limited using WhatsApp. The common numbers begin with +62 (Indonesia origin) and +44 (United Kingdom origin). At Sightcast Recruiting Group, we do not use WhatsApp to communicate with potential candidates, nor do we do any international recruiting. Please report any such communication to WhatsApp owned by Meta.

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Ask any professional who has ever been out of work or looking for new opportunities, and they will tell you that finding a job isn't exactly a piece of cake. It can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you've been looking for a while. Working with the assistance of a Sightcast Recruiting Group search consultant gets rid of the pressure and keeps the process moving.

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The more we learn about your background, experience and goals, the more likely we will find the right position for you. Our confidential, professional and efficient approach will help you find your next great career opportunity.

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If you are a job seeker that is not currently working with us, you can view our publicly posted current searches at our Jobs Page.

Please contact us directly if you don't see a fit among our postings.

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If you are ready to fill an important position, and you would like to talk to an expert in your field, we’re ready to start the conversation.

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