SECURITY NOTICE: Sightcast Recruiting Group has become aware of foreign organizations misusing our company name for fraudulent purposes. To date, all communication has been limited using WhatsApp. The common numbers begin with +62 (Indonesia origin) and +44 (United Kingdom origin). At Sightcast Recruiting Group, we do not use WhatsApp to communicate with potential candidates, nor do we do any international recruiting. Please report any such communication to WhatsApp owned by Meta.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

The Sightcast Recruiting Group team has been together for over 15 years. We’ve won scores of awards, placed hundreds of talented candidates and helped strengthen our clients’ businesses along the way. While we believe that we’ve done a good job at building our own team, we attribute our success with the unique culture that we’ve developed at Sightcast. We celebrate achievements with sales incentives that promote the hunt for excellence. Seeing our clients and candidates gain the level of professional and personal growth over the years is what defines our sense of purpose.

We love to win for our clients and our candidates. We’re enthusiastic about the business and we’re continually adding new technology tools and industry-proven processes to gain an edge on the competition. Our culture is fun, supportive and exciting.

If you would like to work with Sightcast Recruiting Group, as a client or a team member, we would like to start the conversation. Contact us today.

Our Talent Pool Runs Deep

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