SECURITY NOTICE: Sightcast Recruiting Group has become aware of foreign organizations misusing our company name for fraudulent purposes. To date, all communication has been limited using WhatsApp. The common numbers begin with +62 (Indonesia origin) and +44 (United Kingdom origin). At Sightcast Recruiting Group, we do not use WhatsApp to communicate with potential candidates, nor do we do any international recruiting. Please report any such communication to WhatsApp owned by Meta.

Millions in Placements, And Growing

Why Sightcast Recruiting Group

The name Sightcast Recruiting Group reflects our inherent culture of determination for the most difficult searches. Recruiting at its core requires skill and experience. Over the years, we have learned that knowledge, vision and execution of our art is the key to our success, similar to the angler’s sport of sight casting. Find the fish in its natural habitat, cast at the fish with the appropriate prey, hook the fish – then reel it in. We know what we’re looking for, we understand how to attract the right candidates, and we have the experience and skill to help land opportunities for our clients.

Our company began as an award-winning executive recruiting firm that was associated with a national leader for over 15 years. Now an independent company, serving clients all over the United States, Sightcast Recruiting Group is positioned to help our clients even more. We have developed a strong organization and our team is excited about this positive step forward. We have developed many pivotal relationships within our industry and our commitment to provide excellent service remains strong.  Reflective with that commitment, we have made a significant investment in the most up-to-date technologies.

We have our sights set on guiding our clients and candidates to achieve their professional goals – and we look forward to continued success in the future.

Our Talent Pool Runs Deep

If you are ready to fill an important position, and you would like to talk to an expert in your field, we’re ready to start the conversation.

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